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Christopher Ice is a highly accomplished senior c-suite executive and author transforming numerous organizations through his experience of creating and building dynamic cultures through innovative processes with strong, measurable financial results. His unparalleled success in both the for-profit and not-for-profit segments are well noted and he is ready to share his wealth of knowledge with you.


Walking the Leadership Tightrope: How to Balance Career and Family through the Chaos of Crisis, documents Chris’ experiences in multiple industries—insurance, higher education, healthcare, non-profit, and executive leadership coaching—that have helped him fine-tune a leadership style that empowers people and goes beyond the bottom line to bring record ROIs to every organization. Through his lived experiences as an executive, owner, CEO, president, and founder in turn, and leading organizations through challenges large and small, Christopher provides actionable and empathetic advice to all aspiring and veteran leaders.

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Chris works closely with his clients and their teams to tap into their strength and courage as leaders for today’s organizations.


Find new opportunites and solutions to your biggest challenges for your organization with Chris and his vast list of resources. 


Chris has an authentic and  humble approach while being engaging and fun. He can even teach you how to blossom as a speaker.

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What Clients Say

Pat Fischer

CEO & President, Pat Fischer Nissan

Quality people are hard to come by. Spiritually dedicated, quality people are rarer still.

Chris and I have a friendship that has offered me the opportunity to experience his depth of character and profound skillset first hand. I worked directly with Chris at Franciscan University in Steubenville, Ohio on a business advisory board starting in April, 2017. I’ve learned much from Chris’s humble approach to leadership. He is persuasive and able to easily find common ground in uncommon scenarios and negotiate challenges our academic institutions face today. Chris is unwavering in his commitment to Christ and his role as a spouse and father. His deep love of our Lord and commitment to commandments makes him an extraordinary candidate for the high-level needs that our businesses and academic institutions demand. Chris will not waiver under pressure and gravitates to areas of imminent need and bravely attacks root problems and successfully uncover opportunities that would be overlooked by many. The unique skillset Mr. Ice brings to the table spans a lifetime career in the highly competitive Insurance industry in addition to the academic world including years at Franciscan where he held the role of director managing major giving and adjunct professor and most recently as the University president of Ave Maria in Florida. I would be hard pressed to recommend a finer gentleman to any organization seeking strong leadership.

Mike Kern

President at Marsh & McLennan Agency

Over the years I have had the pleasure to witness Chris excel as a C Level Leader, Business Associate, Friend, Husband, Father and Grandfather. His engaging smile and servant leadership style have served him well in all aspects of life. Chris has the exceptional ability to communicate one on one or to a huge audience with the same results. His authenticity is real and you will always feel as though you have gained a mentor/friend whether it be one meeting or a lifetime of meetings.

Chris has many talents…too many to mention here. Rest assured his energy level, business acumen and life experiences put him at an elite level.

Jeff Eckert

Author & CFO of Catholic Charities of Kansas City-St. Joseph

I had the immense pleasure of working for Chris and learning under his talented leadership. His global perspective, incredibly patient and understanding demeanor, strategic well-rounded knowledge, and genuineness made me and his whole executive team engaged and eager to get the mission accomplished. Definitely one of the highest quality individuals I have ever worked with or for, in my 35 years of post-graduate business life.